Bumper Guardian Technical Articles

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Current PNR members who have contributed Technical Articles to the Bumper Guardian include: Bill Allard, Scott Anderson, Lou Berquest, Tom Brace, John Campbell, Frank Daly, Bill Deibel, Craig Devine, Val Dickison, Ron Doss, Marty Ellison, Colin Gurnsey, Brian Harding, Barrie Hutchinson, Karen Hutchinson, Brad Ipsen, Sig Linke, Ray Loe, Roy Magnuson, Phil McCurdy, Al McEwan, John McGary, Bill Mote, Paul Murray, Sandy Olson, Kim Pierce, Brian Rohrback, Jon Schoenfeld, and Ashley Shoemaker.

Here are the categories with listing of article location following:

CommunityOil & FuelsRestoration
ElectricalPaint & SurfaceSpecs
Engine & TransmissionPartsTires & Wheels
JudgingRadiator & CoolingTouring


2009-223Richard AndersonRestoring Alice Ramsey’s Maxwell
2011-124Karen HutchinsonThe Art of Racing in the Rain
2013-122Val DickisonTech Tips From the Passenger Seat
2018-18Marty EllisonGO engineer
2018-237Brian RohrbackPowering the Future
2019-127Val Dickison2019-1-Die Cast Values


1967-314Oil Belt RegionReverse Polarity
1969-213Kerry GaulderGenerators and Voltage Regulation
1995-23Bill DeibelOn the Subject of Batteries
1997-210Ian MatthewsPrinciples of Electricity
2001-416AnonSpark Interference for Radios
2002-117Paul MurrayMicrotip: Static Electricity
2004-211Bill DeibelMicrotip: Spark Plugs
2005-417Don ReddawayGenerator Cutout Conversion
2006-113Bill DeibelGenerator Cutout – Addition
2006-219Don ReddawayReplacing Battery Cables
2007-111Bill DeibelProcuring Old Electronics
2008-328Bill DeibelElectric Starter
2008-418Bill DeibelLincoln Continental Coil
2009-215Rohrback & ArnoldAvoiding Blackouts and Brownouts
2010-224Don ReddawayDelco 3-Brush Generator
2012-122Bill DeibelWire Insulation
2013-425Karen HutchinsonLED Lights for Classics
2014-223Bill DeibelBattery Cut-Off Switches
2014-226Bill DeibelCandles, Gaslights and Flash-Bangs
2014-422Colin GurnseyClassic Radios
2015-118Gunnell & ShoemakerSpring Battery Check-Up
2015-419Bill DeibelSources for Ignition Parts
2015-420Bill AllardAdjusting Dual Ignition Points
2015-421Bill AllardAudible Signal Turn Flashers
2017-120Bill DeibelWarning Lights (from 1940)
2018-321Marty EllisonClassic Battery Options
2018-323Kirk WhiteCare and Feeding of Batteries
2019-123Bill Deibel2019-1-More Batteries
2019-222Al McEwan2019-2-Stalled Hispano
2019-413AnonLucas Headlamps


1968-117Colorado ClassicistEngine Warm-Ups
1968-115Perfect Circle Piston Ring Co.Cylinder Honing
1976-17Alec UlmannDuesenberg Racing Engine
1991-511Brian FirthSpeed is the Substitute for Cubes
2008-48Brad IpsenCadillac V-16 Engine Design
2016-318Brad Ipsen1938 Cadillac V16 Specs
2016-320Brad Ipsen & Ray LoeCadillac Engines
2019-315Bill AllardManufacturing a Cylinder Head
2019-47Terry McGeanHydra-Matic


1965-25George ShufeltIs Elegance Restorable?
1992-415Ron DossCleaning Tech Tips
1993-29Dick CulpHere Comes the Judge
1998-111Carl SteigJudges Accreditation Program
2009-415Karen HutchinsonJudging Experience
2010-115Brian HardingJudging
2010-312Don ReddawayPreparing for a Grand Classic
2011-110Brian HardingConcours Judging Part IV: In the cabin
2012-118Brian HardingJudging the Exterior
2012-29Brian HardingJudging Seminar


1965-416Pete ManelloShop Talk
1965-514Pete ManelloSticky Hydrolic Lifters
1970-115Perry and Daphne FowlerUltrasound Cleaning
1972-19James DoughertyTrouble Shooting
1972-18Bill LockeShocks
1974-15Frank StarrMaintenance Tips
1983-46Jim DoughertyPreventing Car Fires
1985-25Arthur CaldwellRemoving Frozen or Broken Bolts
1988-211Packard Service BulletinUnderstanding Hydrolic Lifters
1993-519Roy MagnusonTire Tips
1994-27CCCA: The Joy of TouringElectrical and Wiring
1994-27Ron DossThe Perfect Battery
2000-216Jack CollinsDamaged Holes for Trim Screws
2001-120AnonStuck in Gear
2004-211Bill DeibelMicrotip: Condensers
2004-215Sam BarerSafety Check for Classics
2004-315Sam BarerUnderstanding SU Carburators
2005-213Don ReddawayMicrotip: Minor Car Repairs
2006-112Lou BerquestOverdrive Installation
2006-217Bill DeibelOverheated Overdrive
2006-311Don ReddawayRebuilding a Stromberg Carburator
2006-414Don ReddawayClark Transmission Rebuild
2007-313Bill Mote & Gary SteinmanElectric Fuel Pump Installation
2008-219Bill DeibelThe API Service Category System
2009-227Val DickisonWindshield Replacement 101
2010-118Brian RohrbackBentley Service Instruction
2010-322Bill AllardRing and Pinion Replacement
2010-420Bill AllardFixing Oil Leaks
2011-19Bill DeibelReproduction gas sending unit
2012-111Don ReddawaySmall tools, carburetor, gaskets
2012-211Don ReddawayMicrotips: Rust and pot metal repair
2012-311Scott AndersonMicrotips: Tool Care and Gel Wax
2012-315Bill AllardStartix Repair
2013-111Bill AllardMicrotip: Removing Corrosion
2013-312Bill AllardGrease Cup Re-sealing
2014-126Bill DeibelFixing Screws that don’t tighten


1986-13Chevron Tech BulletinUnleaded Gasoline and Classics
1989-313Louis DurkeeMotor Oil and Lubricant Tips
1994-37Bill DeibelA Few Words About Gasoline
1999-113Bill DeibelVapor Lock and Antiknock
2007-120Gary RussellWhat Kind of Oil to Use
2008-119Bill DeibelUnderstanding Motor Oil Distinction
2008-47Les HugginsOil containing Zinc
2009-315Bill DeibelUpdate on Motor Oil
2012-110Brian RohrbackGasoline by the numbers
2013-123Don ReddawayNew Gas Troubles
2014-430Frank Frisch via Bill DeibelSnapUps
2016-414Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 1: It’s a Gas
2016-423Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 2: Gasoline Spotlight
2017-115Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 3: Refineries for Dummies
2017-210Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 4: Refinery Mixology
2017-211Brian RohrbackProperties of Gasoline
2017-316Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 5: Alcohol in Fuel
2017-422Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 6: Water
2017-423Brian RohrbackOxygenates
2018-122Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 7: Bad Blood
2018-123Bill DeibelEthanol Blended Fuels
2018-322Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 8: Transportation of Fuels
2018-418Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 9: Role of Motor Oil
2018-421Brian RohrbackHistory of Gas Stations
2019-120Brian Rohrback2019-1-Oil Industry 10
2019-322Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 11: Exploration
2019-422Brian RohrbackIndustry Part 12: Geochemistry


1967-117Richard TerhunePainting Your Classic
1975-210Lauren MatleyAutomotive Refinishing
2012-219Colin GurnseyClassic Colours
2015-228Kim PierceBondo
2016-120Kim PiercePainting a Car Part I
2016-326Kim PiercePainting a Car Part II
2017-421Bill AllardPowdercoating at home
2018-236Kim PierceMaintaining your paint


1965-413George ShufeltNuts and Bolts
1969-417Auto GlassTypes of Glass
2012-124Bill DeibelBleak Outlook for Aftermarket Parts
2014-420Frank Frisch via Bill DeibelBrake Shoe Springs
2015-17Bill DeibelCarburetor Repair
2015-221Lucy AllardBijur System Patent
2015-222Val DickisonBijur Oil Delivery System
2015-316John CampbellEmergency Spare Fan Belt
2016-110Frank DalyFuel Pumps
2019-122Sandy Olson2019-1-Olson’s Gaskets
2019-227Anon2019-2-Rescue Tape
2019-426Karen HutchinsonHeadlamp Covers
2019-425Colin GurnseySeat Belts


1967-418Ben MorganCooling System Problems
1996-28Tom SumnerAvoiding Overheating
2001-417Bob AgnewCoolant
2004-211Bill DeibelMicrotip: Radiator Boiling Points
2008-316Barrie HutchinsonRadiator Expansion Chamber
2012-319Colin GurnseyCooling the Aussie Way
2013-28Kennedy, Harris, & MalksAntifreeze
2013-210Bill DeibelMicrotip: Antifreeze


1964-18Bob JohnsonRestoration Tips
1964-26Doug SpenserValve Restoration
1964-34Doug SpenserValve Restoration Part 2
1964-48Bob JohnsonRestoration Tips
1965-19George ShufeltFirst Things First
1965-416Al McEwanRestoration Hint
1965-415N. Illinois RegionPlating Pot Metal
1967-214Roy BourlandPlating Tech Tip
1967-313Bill FerrisRemoving Carriage Bolts
1967-39L.F. BrehmerUpholstering Your Classic
1967-417Bill FerrisParts, Polish and Plastic Steel
1968-117Oil Belt RegionMaterials List for Restoration
1970-212Perry and Daphne FowlerWelding Pot Metal
1970-211Tim HowleyElectroplating
1972-19Luke PetersGlass Scratches
1983-36Tom BraceSisyphus Revisited
1983-54Ken NewWoodgraining Made Easy
1989-49Pete McManusGas Tank Restoration
1993-519Golden Era MotorsWheel Repair
2001-217Bill DeibelReproduction Idler Gear
2006-424Bill DeibelRestoring a Black-Out Car
2009-112Phil McCurdyRestoration: The Body Rotator
2019-118Craig Devine2019-1-3D Printing
2019-119Barrie Hutchinson2019-1-3D Printing
2019-324Craig Devine3D Printing Part 2
2019-3a18John McGaryRepairing an Oil Pump


1965-29ReprintFeatures of a Cord
1975-13Sigfried LinkeSupercharged Mercedes
1999-46Gary JohnsonLiquamatic Drive (41-42 Lincoln)
1999-47Gary JohnsonReo-Royale Self-Shifter Transmission
2002-414AnonPackard Carburators
2010-25Raymond LoeChrysler T&C
2016-35Jon Schoenfeld1937 Cadillac Fleetwood Specs


2000-216Allan FranzMicrotip: Hissing Tires
2003-215Josh MalksRadial Tires on Classics
2006-421AnonBreaking in Tires
2009-38Wohlwend & HutchinsonWhy Cord Wheels Crack
2015-335Colin GurnseyAutomotive tires in the Classic Era


2005-213Don ReddawayMicrotip: Tour Repairs
2007-216Chris WantuckTrailering 101
2008-214Raymond LoeThe Doble Steam Car
2008-217Gary JohnsonComplete CARavan List
2011-123Karen HutchinsonCost of a Tow
2015-130Colin GurnseyTouring Maintenance Tips Part I
2015-230Colin GurnseyTouring Maintenance Tips Part II
2019-29Gary Johnson2019-2-CARavan list